DeAndre Hopkins And DeAngelo Hall Are Still Going At It

The first episode of Hard Knocks featured Houston WR DeAndre Hopkins and Washington CB DeAngelo Hall jawing at each other through a joint practice. The climax was Hall slipping and falling in coverage, and Hopkins treating it like he broke Hall’s ankles. The battle didn’t end with on-field taunting, though: » 8/13/15 1:16pm 8/13/15 1:16pm

DeAngelo Hall Tore His Achilles When He Slipped While Getting Pizza

The NFL's had a weird spate of injuries this season, on top of the regular injuries that happen every game. Stephen Tulloch and Lamarr Houston tore their ACLs celebrating; Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria hurt himself trying to stop his (adorable) puppy from peeing in the house; and yesterday, Washington… » 10/31/14 1:18pm 10/31/14 1:18pm

Someone Spit In DeAngelo Hall's Face And It Wasn't Pac-Man Jones

I realize that this isn't breaking any new ground, but man, Terrell Owens is a sensitive guy. DeAngelo Hall, who engages in some friendly trash talk with Terrell Owens on the phone from time to time, did some of that same trash talking to Owens during the Cowboys/Falcons game last night. Owens spit in his face. » 12/17/06 3:15pm 12/17/06 3:15pm