How To Fight A Debt-Collection Letter

At some point in this unblemished modern world of ours, you’re going to receive a letter claiming that you owe someone money. If it’s a real debt from a real bank or collections agency, then, yeah, unfortunately, you’re going to have to pay at least some of it somehow. But there’s also the likelihood that it’s a… »5/14/15 2:24pm5/14/15 2:24pm


John L. Smith, Who Succeeded Bobby Petrino At Arkansas, Will Spend Next Year Coaching A Terrible DII School For About 8% Of His Old Salary

Arkansas's John L. Smith was one of the more colorful characters of this past college football season. The coach of an awful football team whose location he couldn't quite remember, Smith had very little money in the bank as of September, and negative $40 million as of October. Through it all, Smith was demanding that… »1/19/13 4:30pm1/19/13 4:30pm