Red Sox Sign Rusney Castillo, Proving It's A Good Time To Be A Defector's Jesse Sanchez is reporting that the Boston Red Sox have reached a deal to sign Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo to a six-year, $72 million deal. Baseball is officially in the golden age of Cuban defectors. » 8/22/14 12:26pm 8/22/14 12:26pm

Asylum-Seeking Cameroon Boxers Say They Were Threatened

We told you last week about the seven Olympic athletes from Cameroon—five boxers, a swimmer, a soccer goalie—who went missing from the Olympic village in London. At the time, it was reported that those athletes would likely seek asylum. It now turns out that's exactly what the five boxers are doing, according to… » 8/13/12 6:10pm 8/13/12 6:10pm