Randy Moss Talks About Freaking Out When He Met Deion Sanders

Back before the 1998 NFL Draft, Randy Moss says he was certain he was going to the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones apparently told him the team would pick him if he was still available. (The Cowboys didn't take Moss with the eighth pick, instead drafting linebacker Greg Ellis; Moss fell all the way to the Vikings due to… »11/11/14 6:35pm11/11/14 6:35pm

Deion Sanders On Whether People Choose To Be Gay: "Who Wouldn't?"

Deion Sanders, who really shouldn't be on TV to talk about anything other than football, is here seen on TV (the Internet? What is Ora?) giving his expert opinion on homosexuality, which he says "could be" a choice. In this interview, Larry King is asking Sanders about Michael Sam, whom Sanders reached out to at… »11/06/14 10:53pm11/06/14 10:53pm

Here's some audio of Deion Sanders demanding a raise and threatening the CEO of Prime Prep Academy,

Here's some audio of Deion Sanders demanding a raise and threatening the CEO of Prime Prep Academy, a charter school Deion Sanders helped found. In it, he names "HNIC" as his official position in the school which, you know, might be worthy of a raise on its own. [Dallas Observer] »1/30/14 1:39pm1/30/14 1:39pm

Worker's Comp Could Cost The NFL More Than The Concussion Settlement

The headline on and main talking point from this L.A. Times article is almost distracting, but it's fun: It turns out that moron and/or hypocrite Deion Sanders, who criticized former players are just "trying to make money" off of concussion lawsuits against the NFL, filed his own worker's compensation claim alleging… »9/06/13 3:50pm9/06/13 3:50pm

Deion Sanders, On Players Out With Concussions: "Half These Guys Are Trying To Make Some Money"

Deion Sanders, concussion truther. Though the commissioner of of the NFL went on Face the Nation today to deny that his league ever covered up the dangers of football and its potential to induce brain damage—because at this point, denying the dangers themselves is impossible—Deion Sanders isn't convinced that some… »2/03/13 2:10pm2/03/13 2:10pm

Deion Sanders Says His Ex-Wife's $200 Million Lawsuit Is "Like Suing A Homeless Dude For A Burger And Some Fries"

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Deion would love to know where Pilar thinks he has $200 million lying around. »3/05/12 3:45pm3/05/12 3:45pm

That List Of "Words You Can't Text In Pakistan" Is Actually The List Of Things You Can't Put On NFL Jerseys

There's a document circulating today that allegedly contains the list of words that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) wants banned from text messages. A few tipsters forwarded it our way after noticing that the list included phrases like "Rae Carruth," "Neon Deon," and "He Hate Me,"—all things that would… »11/21/11 3:35pm11/21/11 3:35pm