Late Contender For Most Infantilizing Headline Of The Year: "Dez Bryant Stays Out Past Midnight"

That's sitting atop this piece on ESPN-it's on ESPN's frontpage headline feed as "Cowboys' Bryant gets permission to be out late"-about Dez Bryant's 24th birthday, which is tomorrow. Dez has been living under strict rules, enforced by Cowboys employees and personal advisers, ever since he assaulted his mother in… »11/03/12 3:37pm11/03/12 3:37pm

Delonte West Tweeted His Résumé For NBA Teams, And He Cited Bleacher Report As A Reference

Let's see now. Uh huh. Right, right, right. Eight years in the NBA with, uh, four teams. And you know, I just loved that Saint Joe's team you played for. What year was that, ‘04? And who was it, John Lucas who made that shot that kept you guys out of the Final Four? That had to just … yeah, yeah, sorry. But what a… »10/31/12 1:31pm10/31/12 1:31pm

Early This Morning Delonte West Tweeted A Picture Of His Vomit-Soiled Clothes From The Bathroom

Delonte West was sick last night, but still managed to play 27 minutes and score five points on two of five shooting. Then he presumably went home a puked all over the place, took a picture and exclaimed "I think that's the last of it....I feel like my soul just tried to get out my body...gotd#mn!!!" »4/29/12 7:19pm4/29/12 7:19pm

Delonte West Earned A Technical Foul For Giving Gordon Hayward A Wet Willie

Delonte West's been a source of our amusement for some time, but his antics have run him afoul of the law—and NBA referees—more often than not. He somehow escaped ejection for tonight's shenanigans, in which he shoved a finger in Jazz swingman Gordon Hayward's ear in the second quarter of the Dallas-Utah game in… »4/16/12 11:04pm4/16/12 11:04pm

The Secret Service Says Delonte West Was Never Banned From The White House

When he wasn't playing basketball games this weekend, Delonte West spent his days engaged in leisurely Twitter meltdowns: He complained about his salary and his team, and related it all to the media's portrayal of him since his arrest in 2009. He also singled out one particular writer who he says needs to "get Bron… »1/09/12 1:30pm1/09/12 1:30pm

How Delonte West's Mental Illness Affected LeBron's Final Year In Cleveland, And Why You Never Heard About It

I started working on The Whore of Akron in June 2009, before LeBron's walk year began. No one at that time saw much evidence that he was actually going to walk, not until after the Cavs lost to the Celtics in the second round of the playoffs and he started talking about "my team" in reference to the geniuses who… »11/18/11 1:31pm11/18/11 1:31pm

Breaking: Delonte West Is Currently Pushing His Broken-Down Ford Bronco To The Gas Station

May the resumption of basketball never trouble the childlike glee with which Delonte West goes about his business. After spending $3,000 on a 1994 white Ford Bronco ("OJ Style"), West's new purchase broke down before he could even get it inspected. He's now pushing it down the road, and it looks like he's almost… »10/24/11 2:45pm10/24/11 2:45pm

Delonte West Was Tripping On Antipsychotic Drugs The Night He Got Pulled Over With Three Guns

Delonte West gave an interview to SLAM in which he finally opened up about that time in September 2009 when he was pulled over for negligent driving and cops found a stash of weapons in his three-wheel Can-Am Spyder. Turns out he had a rather intense reaction to the drug he was taking for bipolar disorder after being… »9/21/11 6:00pm9/21/11 6:00pm