Supremely Fed Up DeMarcus Cousins Is Now Taking It Out On His Opponents

In a now annual tradition, the relationship between DeMarcus Cousins and his coach is deteriorating. There were reports earlier in the week that George Karl was on the chopping block, but it now appears that the two are committed to trying to patch things up. That being said, these are the Kings and they’re just as… »11/14/15 11:48am11/14/15 11:48am


Report: George Karl Could Lose His Job By The End Of The Week

The Sacramento Kings started getting close to the edge of a bottomless pit this past offseason, but the last few days have seen them take a few more crucial steps towards oblivion. Yesterday brought us a morose DeMarcus Cousins talking about “issues in house,” and today brings word that George Karl may be out of a job… »11/11/15 5:44pm11/11/15 5:44pm

The Sacramento Kings Are Starting To Show Some Cracks

It’s actually surprising that it took all of eight games for the Sacramento Kings, a team that spent the offseason doing whatever it could to claim the Most Dysfunctional Franchise award, to start experiencing some internal drama. But we’re finally starting to get down into the shit, with DeMarcus Cousins talking… »11/10/15 12:39pm11/10/15 12:39pm

George Karl Met DeMarcus Cousins And It Was Suuuuuuper Awkward

Sometimes the universe is good to us, like when it brings us video of George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins meeting at a Summer League game—for what is likely the first time since Karl began doing everything in his power to alienate his team’s only star player—and allowing us to bask in the incredible awkwardness of the… »7/14/15 10:15am7/14/15 10:15am

The Kings Are Screwed No Matter What Happens To DeMarcus Cousins

Things are happening quickly. On Monday, Yahoo reported that new Kings coach George Karl is looking to ship DeMarcus Cousins out of town. (Crazy!) On Tuesday, ESPN reported that Kings owner Vivek Ranadive will not allow Karl to trade Sacramento’s stunningly talented young center. (Rational!) With the choices being… »6/25/15 9:10am6/25/15 9:10am

Boogie Cousins And John Wall Put On A Show; Some Team Also Won I Guess

A point guard and a center generally can't duel in the way we usually think of players dueling—directly, one-on-one, attacking each other at both ends. Apart from the occasional defensive switch or confrontation at the rim, they'll mostly compete from a distance, and indirectly, via their teams and the scoreboard. … »3/15/15 1:15pm3/15/15 1:15pm

Charles Barkley Doesn't Give A Shit About Propriety On Live TV

Charles Barkley is always going to say whatever he wants to say, live TV and censors be damned. For some reason he objects to the idea that the Kings would discuss their head coaching position with DeMarcus Cousins—I'm not sure why the Kings wouldn't want to talk with their maximum contract star about what he wants… »2/12/15 7:37pm2/12/15 7:37pm

What In The World Was DeMarcus Cousins Thinking On This Inbounds?

Did he think he was on offense? Did he think the Warriors were shooting on the other basket? Did he think the ball was being inbounded from behind him? Did he think he was guarding somebody who hadn't yet walked onto the court? Sometimes players make the wrong decision on defense, or react too slowly, or forget… »2/04/15 12:52am2/04/15 12:52am