Demetrius Jackson Leads Notre Dame On A Razzle-Dazzle Fast Break

14-seed Northeastern brought the fight to Notre Dame today, but eventually lost 69-65 after crapping away a chance to tie it up in the closing seconds. Before that, though, Notre Dame guard Demetrius Jackson pulled off this slick bit of dribbling and passing on a fast break. So far, this is the highlight of the early… »3/19/15 2:26pm3/19/15 2:26pm


ESPN Spoils Its Own Demetrius Jackson Announcement (He's Going To Notre Dame), Then Pulls Spoiler Video [UPDATE]

Well, ESPN's Dave Telep had quite a scoop earlier today. A video by Telep was posted to ESPN about an hour ago that reported big time basketball recruit and point guard Demetrius Jackson was heading to Notre Dame. The video was titled "Telep: Jackson's Impact on Notre Dame." For folks following this story, this was… »9/27/12 3:34pm9/27/12 3:34pm