Denard Robinson Had More Offense Than Michigan's Offense Today

Some stock car named Denard Robinson suited up for Michigan today and accomplished more offense than the entire Michigan offense. This sounds impossible but it is not. Like the American financial system, college football's statistics attribute success to individual performance while collectivizing the losses.… »9/08/12 9:40pm9/08/12 9:40pm

"You Cheated On Me," Says Angry Person Who Hacked Denard Robinson's Twitter Account This Morning (UPDATED)

And as the above screen grab indicates, that person was rather prolific for a few minutes in articulating just how much of an asshole the Michigan quarterback has been. Though Robinson's account was unverified by Twitter and there had been several fake accounts under his name previously, this ESPN report says he had… »10/06/11 1:50pm10/06/11 1:50pm

How A College Kid's Photograph Helped Launch Denard Robinson's Heisman Candidacy

In the last two weeks, while racking up more total yardage on his own than 86 teams, Denard Robinson, Michigan's dreadlocked, dual-threat quarterback, emerged as the early favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. The longer his campaign lasts, the more it could revolve around one student's photograph. »9/17/10 1:30pm9/17/10 1:30pm