Mr. Belding Endorses Diamond Dallas Page For Some Twitter Award

Not so long ago I did a kind of hatchet piece on Diamond Dallas Page and his new fangled yoga, called DDP Yoga. Since then, DDP Yoga has proven me wrong. A lot of people really love it! Including Dennis Haskins, who you likely only know as "Mr. Belding." » 2/06/13 10:00pm 2/06/13 10:00pm

Seriously, This Is Getting Ridiculous

The photos of Roy Williams signing the belly of a Hooters girl provide a cute, funny moment for Kansas fans and other Williams detractors who may think a man of such coaching stature should not be hanging around with the jiggly-boobed wing-servers. But perhaps even more fascinating than that was the accompanying… » 4/07/08 6:30pm 4/07/08 6:30pm