Dennis Rodman's North Korea Trip May Be Falling Apart

Dennis Rodman has been gung-ho about his latest trip to North Korea, a matchup between former NBA players and DPRK all-stars as a "birthday present" for Kim Jong-un. He might be the only one. The Associated Press reports that a number of the players on the trip are expressing second thoughts about going through with… »1/07/14 11:27am1/07/14 11:27am

North Korean Prison Camp Survivor Writes Open Letter To Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is back visiting his buddy Kim Jong-un on yet another PR trip—PR for Rodman, for the Irish betting company that's sponsoring his trip, and for North Korea itself. It comes days after a massive and deadly purge of perceived challenges to Kim's power, and as an American citizen has languished in a Korean… »12/20/13 11:04am12/20/13 11:04am

This Wire Story Gives Not A Single Shit About North Koreans

The Associated Press just published a story about Dennis Rodman's latest endorsement venture and his untethered blather about what good buds he is with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Read the whole thing here, if you have two minutes for an extra-large helping of starry-eyed banality. Here are some excerpts: »11/20/13 9:13pm11/20/13 9:13pm

Why Is Dennis Rodman At The Vatican? He's Being Paid By A Betting Company, Of Course

When Dennis Rodman flew to Rome on the heels of a Vice-organized trip to North Korea (a week later the DPRK abandoned a 60-year-old ceasefire agreement, so, strong work), we all kind of assumed that this was part of Rodman's new career as a diplomat. The selfless Worm, just working for international relations and… »3/13/13 2:06pm3/13/13 2:06pm