Patriots' Undefeated Season Goes Down On 48-Yard C.J. Anderson Run In Overtime

The Peyton Manning-less Denver Broncos handed New England their first loss of the season in overtime in the middle of a Colorado blizzard tonight. C.J. Anderson sealed it with this run from 48 yards out on a toss play on third-and-1. Carolina is now the only undefeated team left in the NFL (probably). The win for… »Today 12:04am11/30/15 12:04am

Report: Teams Are Already Lining Up To Bring Peyton Manning Into The Front Office

Peyton Manning has such a comical litany of injuries that it’s amazing he was playing NFL football into 2015. He has a surgically taped-up neck, a problem with his throwing shoulder, maybe-maybe-not broken ribs, a partially torn plantar fascia (apparently, this is worse than a full tear), not to mention the torn… »11/22/15 11:14am11/22/15 11:14am

Aqib Talib Has A Terrible Excuse For Poking Dwayne Allen's Eye

Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib put his fingers in Colts tight end Dwayne Allen’s eye near the end of Sunday’s game, and was flagged for unnecessary roughness. The penalty gave Indianapolis a first down, and killed any last chance for Denver to go for the tie or win. The NFL issued a one-game suspension, but Talib plans… »11/09/15 3:50pm11/09/15 3:50pm

The Broncos' Shutdown Defense Made Aaron Rodgers Look Human

The Denver Broncos made a drastic change to their philosophy in one offseason. Peyton Manning no longer scores absurd amounts of points to give the team a large margin of error. The 2015 Broncos are defense-first, and they showed how far they’ve come Sunday night as they shut down Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers,… »11/02/15 12:18pm11/02/15 12:18pm

The Broncos Defense Is So Good, Even Zombie Peyton Manning Can Win With It

It took the Denver Broncos offense 27 consecutive drives to score a touchdown. That’s the longest streak in the NFL this season, a record far more suited to the diarrheal Detroit Lions or an offensively inept team like the Texans. Certainly not a 6-0 team with the NFL’s all-time leading touchdown passer and an all-pro… »10/18/15 5:40pm10/18/15 5:40pm

Can The Broncos Figure Out How To Use Peyton Manning?

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. On paper, it made all the sense in the world for Gary Kubiak to reimagine the Broncos offense, emphasizing the run more, and lining up his quarterback in different positions to keep opponents off-balance. In practice, Peyton Manning doesn’t like taking snaps from under… »9/28/15 3:23pm9/28/15 3:23pm

Von Miller Isn't Impressed By "Fake Gronk" Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs are seemingly allergic to throwing to their wide receivers—a true WR still hasn’t caught a touchdown pass since 2013—but Travis Kelce is one of Alex Smith’s favorite targets. The tight end’s size and ability to break tackles is quite similar to Rob Gronkowski, the Gronk Lite to the original… »9/18/15 10:22am9/18/15 10:22am