Derek Holland Claims His Twitter Was Hacked And He Didn't Call Anyone A "Fag"

Derek Holland was pulled from the Rangers' game on Sunday after getting knocked around, and retreated to the clubhouse. It hasn't been a great year for Holland, and the Rangers are desperately clinging to both the league's best record and the AL West lead, and since Holland's very active on Twitter, a number of fans… »10/02/12 11:15am10/02/12 11:15am

Here Are A Bunch Of MLB Players Doing Funny Impressions Of The Expendables Cast

Allow me to self-plagiarize for a moment. A few members of the Deadspin staff, myself included, once went to the MLB Fan Cave. It was in many ways a soul-crushing place, where the Pepsi Max (but no other variety of Pepsi) was bottomless, and where Jeff Nelson was just hanging out, likely against his will. And there… »8/17/12 10:55am8/17/12 10:55am

AccuWeather Predicts A One Hundred Percent Chance Of Derek Holland

Last night, Derek Holland dropped by News 8's studio to give Peter Delkus a hand with the weather forecasting. What followed was a clinic on how to be a goofball Major League Baseball player who reads the weather for a local news broadcast. Highlights include the weatherman—"meteorologist"—calling Holland out for… »2/11/12 11:30am2/11/12 11:30am