If You Didn't Know Derrick Williams Before, You Do Now

"He just gives you a presence all the time, that kid. He looks like he never gets tired. He is unique. He's a very unusual player to guard. He's a great player. A great kid. I told him afterward he is special .... He gives you confidence. You always know you have that guy on the court. There is a physicality to this… » 3/25/11 1:15pm 3/25/11 1:15pm

Derrick Williams Does It Three Ways

With Ohio State having what seems to be an off year, Joe Paterno's Penn State squad has a legit chance to bring a Big Ten Championship to Happy Valley. Wide Receiver and kick returner extraordinaire Derrick Williams scored a touchdown rushing, receiving, and on a punt return against the Illini — something no player… » 9/28/08 2:32pm 9/28/08 2:32pm