DeShawn Stevenson Sounded Vaguely Sober At The Mavericks Parade Today

DeShawn's first public appearance since his first public intoxication arrest on Tuesday night was perfect: he stepped to his interview with a Soulja Boy song as backdrop (his partner in the forgettable DeShawn/Soulja vs. LeBron/Hova beef), threw up a three-goggles sign, smiled dazedly out at the crowd, sounded… »6/16/11 3:40pm6/16/11 3:40pm


DeShawn Stevenson Arrested For Public Intoxication, Has Also Not Slept In Days

"Irving police said they were called to the Grand Venetian apartments about 10:30 p.m. local time Tuesday to check out a report of an intoxicated person walking in the area. They found [Mavs forward DeShawn] Stevenson, who does not live there, and he did not appear to know where he was." [ESPN] »6/15/11 12:35pm6/15/11 12:35pm