The Mystery Behind DeShawn Stevenson's Kitchen ATM Is Solved

Three days ago, the world was rocked by the Instagrammic revelation that one DeShawn Stevenson of the Brooklyn Nets has what appears to be an ATM in his kitchen. Now, TMZ has finally gotten to the bottom of the mystery of why anyone would possibly want an actual, dive bar-worthy ATM in his house. The short answer:… »6/01/12 2:45pm6/01/12 2:45pm

DeShawn Stevenson Has An ATM In His Kitchen, For Some Odd Reason

It is the God-given right of any stinking rich American to own and possess all types of weird things, but we've never seen what appears to be a working ATM in someone's kitchen before. Maybe this is Nets forward DeShawn Stevenson's early retirement plan, living off the $2 transaction fees from family members and house… »5/29/12 11:00pm5/29/12 11:00pm

DeShawn Stevenson Sounded Vaguely Sober At The Mavericks Parade Today

DeShawn's first public appearance since his first public intoxication arrest on Tuesday night was perfect: he stepped to his interview with a Soulja Boy song as backdrop (his partner in the forgettable DeShawn/Soulja vs. LeBron/Hova beef), threw up a three-goggles sign, smiled dazedly out at the crowd, sounded… »6/16/11 3:40pm6/16/11 3:40pm

DeShawn Stevenson Arrested For Public Intoxication, Has Also Not Slept In Days

"Irving police said they were called to the Grand Venetian apartments about 10:30 p.m. local time Tuesday to check out a report of an intoxicated person walking in the area. They found [Mavs forward DeShawn] Stevenson, who does not live there, and he did not appear to know where he was." [ESPN] »6/15/11 12:35pm6/15/11 12:35pm