Seahawks Beat Lions After Referees Miss Easy Illegal Batting Call

Down 13-10 with just under two minutes left against the Seahawks Monday night, Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford dropped back from the Seattle 11 and found an open Calvin Johnson. As Johnson was tackled with the ball about to cross the plane of the end zone, Kam Chancellor popped it out of Megatron’s hand. The ball… »10/06/15 12:17am10/06/15 12:17am

Mic'd-Up Matt Stafford Was Very Confused By That Reversed PI Call

Matt Stafford was mic'd up during last Sunday's playoff game against the Cowboys, and his reaction to the reversed pass interference call that helped bone the Lions out of a win aired on last night's episode of Inside the NFL. As you might imagine, Stafford was just as confused and exasperated by the reversal as the… »1/07/15 9:46am1/07/15 9:46am

NFL Officiating Head Says The Cowboys Got Away With At Least One Penalty

Dean Blandino, the NFL's VP of officiating, made the media rounds today to discuss the controversial reversed pass-interference call that occurred in a crucial spot of Dallas's win over Detroit. Blandino didn't come down strongly on either side of whether Anthony Hitchens interfered with Brandon Pettigrew. »1/05/15 4:42pm1/05/15 4:42pm

Yes, The Reversed Call In Lions-Cowboys Really Was Rd. 1's Biggest Play 

A proper inventory of what did and didn't go in Detroit's favor in Sunday's playoff game against the Cowboys would include, at minimum, the NFL ruling that "first-time offender" Ndamukong Suh was eligible to suit up; a hot start followed by scoring just six points over the final three quarters (forcing run-pass… »1/05/15 12:14pm1/05/15 12:14pm

If You Pick Up A Flag, You Need A Better Explanation Than That

Let's get this caveat out of the way, and (in spirit) amend it to all future discussions of the picked-up pass-interference flag that appeared so crucial in the Lions' loss to the Cowboys: the no-call didn't cost Detroit the game. Failing to hold a lead cost Detroit the game, as did turning the ball over three times,… »1/05/15 9:23am1/05/15 9:23am

NFL Ref Pete Morelli Explains Reversed Cowboys' Pass Interference Call

Per Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News, here's referee Pete Morelli's explanation of why Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens wasn't called for defensive pass interference on Brandon Pettigrew today. According to Morelli, the back judge thought it was DPI, but the head linesman determined that Hitchens was… »1/04/15 10:04pm1/04/15 10:04pm