Klay Thompson Dunk Sends Kyle Singler Stumbling Into Crowd

There are better dunks and worse posterizations than this Thompson-Singler affair, but Singler's exit makes this fantastic. Despite his efforts to remain upright, he stumbles back for what feels like forever, until he runs into the cameraman. It's at this point that he gives in to momentum and just plunges into the… » 2/24/14 11:10pm 2/24/14 11:10pm

Is Josh Smith The Worst Three-Point Shooter Of All Time?

The Detroit Bad Boys blog has an interesting and fundamentally unsurprising post about Josh Smith and his catastrophic shooting this season. So we thought, Why not pile on? Here are a few ways in which Josh Smith is even worse than he seems in an article that concludes he's the worst three-point shooter of all time. » 1/22/14 2:06pm 1/22/14 2:06pm

Josh Smith And The Deeply Constipated Offense Of The Detroit Pistons

Coming into this season, the Detroit Pistons were flagged by a lot of advanced metrics as a likely candidates for a sneaky good year. Instead, Detroit, and especially its offense, has been among the most comically misshapen teams in recent history. » 12/11/13 7:02pm 12/11/13 7:02pm

Allen Iverson Finally Obeys Laws Of Nature, Officially Retires

Allen Iverson made his retirement official today, even though it's hard to know how, exactly, to define such a thing for him. Iverson, now 38, was never a professional basketball player so much as he was, foremost, an object in motion, tending always to stay in motion. If Iverson can be said to retire, then a meteorite … » 10/30/13 9:54pm 10/30/13 9:54pm

Mo Cheeks's Ladyfriend Found Lipstick On A Glass, And Things Got Ugly

Last month, there was a brief, odd report that Pistons head coach Maurice Cheeks was involved in some sort of domestic dispute, but would not be charged. And that was the last we heard of it, until now: Through a FOIA request, the Detroit Free Press has obtained a copy of the investigation report. » 10/21/13 4:50pm 10/21/13 4:50pm

Rasheed Wallace's Media Day Photo Looks Like It Was An Accident

Yesterday we saw Brian Scalabrine's media day photo, complete with black eye. Today in big-men-turned-assistant-coach photography: Pistons assistant Rasheed Wallace, doing his best impression of a guy who randomly wandered into a Sears portrait studio while looking for the DVD section. » 10/02/13 12:38pm 10/02/13 12:38pm

Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings. Sure, Why Not?

Woj's latest scoop is a pretty big one: Brandon Jennings is headed to Detroit in a sign-and-trade that will send Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton, and Slava Kravstov to the Bucks. Jennings and the Pistons are reportedly finalizing a three-year, $24 million deal. » 7/30/13 6:23pm 7/30/13 6:23pm

Some Of The Greatest Games in NBA History, Re-Scored Under North…

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misstated one of North Korea's unique scoring rules. Scores within the last three seconds, not minutes, count for eight points. The corrected version is below. » 3/07/13 10:10am 3/07/13 10:10am

It should be obvious how insane and game-altering these scoring changes are, particularly the last two. Rule…

Incredibly British Recap Of Knicks-Pistons Game In London Frets About…

The Knicks and Pistons played a basketball game in London this past Thursday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, which is among the reasons you likely did not know about it. David Stern has been talking for some time about putting an NBA team in London permanently—multiple teams in Europe within the next 20 years, he says » 1/19/13 12:20pm 1/19/13 12:20pm