Stop The Presses: Detroit Preferable To Somewhere

Two Shock stars, fresh from signing contract extensions, have made it known they have no intention of joining the team in making the move to Tulsa. Apparently death was not an option. [AP] » 2/09/10 11:00pm 2/09/10 11:00pm

The White House Welcomes Shock And Aww, Not That Again

In welcoming your WNBA world champions to his home, the First Bulls Fan lamented congratulating former-and-forever Piston Bill Laimbeer — controversy! scandal! developing! — so Laimbeer will probably be back next week to resolve the conflict over beers. [CBS] » 7/28/09 11:30am 7/28/09 11:30am

Detroit Just Can't Catch A Break

A Game 7 loss, a series dropped to the Pirates, now Bill Laimbeer—the greatest coach in WNBA history!—is stepping down. He will be replaced by Rick Mahorn, who will eventually be replaced by Chuck Nevitt. [Free Press] » 6/16/09 12:00pm 6/16/09 12:00pm

Rick Mahorn Gets Suspended For "Peacemaking"

The fallout from the most exciting thing to happen in the WNBA's longer-than-expected history is complete. Players suspended for one game included Detroit's Kara Braxton, Tasha Humphrey, Elaine Powell and Sheri Samalong with Los Angeles' Lisa Leslie, Candace Parker and DeLisha Milton-Jones. Two game suspensions were… » 7/24/08 5:45pm 7/24/08 5:45pm

Rick Mahorn Still Can't Figure Out How To Talk To Girls

Sadly, last night's brawl between the Los Angeles Sparks and the Detroit Shock will probably be the only storyline that puts the WNBA above the fold for the rest of the regular season. As far as sports melees go, it was monumental; it involved two of the leagues major stars (Candace Parker, Lisa Leslie) and,… » 7/23/08 9:15am 7/23/08 9:15am