After Lovie Smith's Firing, Devin Hester Complains About "False Fans" And Considers Retiring

After learning about head coach Lovie Smith's firing, Bears return specialist Devin Hester, at 30 years old, said he's strongly considering stepping away from the NFL. A shaken Hester—seen on video here—gave his thoughts in the locker room. From Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune: »12/31/12 3:40pm12/31/12 3:40pm

Remembering The Best Punt Return That Never Officially Happened

Bears wide receiver/returner Devin Hester—as Drew explained Monday—is the human highlight reel that opponents have to kick to. He gave us a splendid return on Sunday night. But perhaps his best play of the season came on a play when he never touched the ball, on a play that never happened, as far as the NFL's… »10/19/11 1:35pm10/19/11 1:35pm