How Can The New England Patriots Cut A Guy Because He Has Diabetes?

Kyle Love was the Patriots starting DT until he was diagnosed with diabetes within the last two weeks. Once the Patriots found out, they cut him. Not only did they cut him, but they essentially confirmed he was cut because of the diagnosis, because of the uncertainty surrounding his recovery time. How is this possible? » 5/15/13 11:21pm 5/15/13 11:21pm

Jay Cutler, Diabetic, Shills for McDonald's

The commercial was filmed in June of 2008 and has recently started airing on Denver television. This means the commercial was filmed after Cutler realized he had diabetes. The commercial combines the hilarity of the Coors Light press conference commercials (read:none) but adds an annoying little kid reporter. It's… » 9/15/08 3:15pm 9/15/08 3:15pm