Lisa The Ball Girl Reduced The Padres' Announcers To Puddles Of Goo

Dick Enberg is no rookie. He's one of the most experienced (and generally respected) sportscasters we have, but when Lisa the Padres Ball Girl impressively gloved a streaking line drive last night, it sent him and broadcast partner Mark Grant into high school hysterics. Suddenly, Enberg can't form meaningful sentences… »6/21/12 10:30pm6/21/12 10:30pm

Dick Enberg Tells A Story About "Bloody Blue Balls" In Wimbledon Booth Exchange For The Ages

At 78 years old and after 28 years on the job, Dick Enberg is calling his final matches from Wimbledon this year. He'll wrap up his ESPN tennis contract at the US Open in a few months, and then he'll go home to San Diego to call games for the Padres. We're afraid that Enberg might not have the opportunity to tell… »6/22/11 11:55am6/22/11 11:55am