Dick Vitale Apparently Walked Into A Glass Door Before Last Night's Broadcast

From the tip box: "Usher at Michigan-Ohio State basketball texted me that she saw Dick Vitale walk face first into a glass door right before the game. All by-standers thought he was concussed. He has had black eyes slowly forming throughout the broadcast and has been mis-pronouncing player names more than usual." »2/06/13 5:53pm2/06/13 5:53pm

Here's A Photo Of Dick Vitale And The Schwab Out Clubbing In South Beach [UPDATED]

The reader who sent this to us (click to enlarge) said it was taken at the Fontainebleau in Miami, sometime Wednesday night, sometime after Dickie V.'s Dookies got thumped by the Hurricanes. We haven't been able to verify any of that, but we think the image speaks for itself. [Update (7:10 p.m.): The PR manager of the… »1/25/13 6:45pm1/25/13 6:45pm