Man Shoots Himself In Dick's Sporting Goods After Asking For Shotgun From Store

Last night around 7 p.m., 58-year-old Mark McCarpy walked into Dick's Sporting Goods in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, and asked to see a shotgun and ammunition. When the clerk complied, McCarpy pulled out a handgun and demanded the clerk undo the shotgun's gun lock. McCarpy then took the gun and ammunition, ran to… »3/17/13 4:12pm3/17/13 4:12pm


They're Already Running "Congratulations Super Bowl Champion Patriots" Ads In New England

Here's an ad for Dick's Sporting Goods informing viewers the availability of New England Patriots Super Bowl Champions gear. It ran one and a half times during today's local Comcast SportsNet broadcast of the Grizzlies-Celtics game (the second time through, it was cut off as somebody finally noticed it shouldn't… »2/05/12 1:42pm2/05/12 1:42pm