The Real Dicky Eklund In HBO's High On Crack Street And Places Less Dignified

The sad tale of boxer Dicky Eklund has been well-chronicled on screens both big and small. One of the more interesting plot devices in the recent Hollywood film The Fighter is that the HBO documentary High on Crack Street shapes part of the movie's storyline. The video above includes some choice segments from the… »3/01/11 7:50pm3/01/11 7:50pm


Dicky Eklund Does The Ali Shuffle In Sugar Ray Leonard's Mug

Christian Bale won an Oscar last night for his portrayal in "The Fighter" of Dicky Eklund, the former New England welterweight champion who got hooked on crack, went to prison then resurrected himself as a trainer, most notably for his brother Micky Ward. During his acceptance speech, Bale ordered viewers to go to … »2/28/11 2:20pm2/28/11 2:20pm