Didier Drogba, Who's Destroying MLS, Says MLS Has A Lot To Improve

Didier Drogba, one of our favorite players over the years who’s nonetheless closer to middle age than the middle of his playing prime, gave some of the gentle yet unambiguous real talk that former European stars cashing checks in MLS are prone to hand down from time to time. Surprise surprise, he doesn’t think the… »10/26/15 11:33am10/26/15 11:33am

Didier Drogba Interviewing Little Kids Will Warm Your Cold, Black Heart

Christmas is here, apparently. We, however, are at work, blogging away, and as such, we were a bit ambivalent about the holiday, and the holiday season as a whole. But then we saw this video of Galatasaray and Ivory Coast superstar Didier Drogba making the days of a roomful of little Turkish children, and damned if we… »12/24/13 12:35pm12/24/13 12:35pm

Galatasaray To Protest Racism Against Drogba By Wearing Blackface

Galatasaray's Didier Drogba faced your typical Euro-flavor of racism during this past weekend's derby match against Fenerbahce: monkey noises, bananas on the pitch, et cetera. In response, Drogba's teammates are pledging to wear blackface in their next match as a token of solidarity toward him and fellow players of… »5/15/13 1:45pm5/15/13 1:45pm