Diego Maradona Can't Decide Whether To Defend Or Bash Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi failed to drag Argentina to the title in yet another major international tournament, giving his countrymen another shot to break out the bats and partake in what is now looking like the real Argentine national pastime: beating up on Messi’s reputation. As has been typical of the man’s hot-and-cold… »7/14/15 1:35pm7/14/15 1:35pm


FIFA's Savior Has Thrown His Hat Into The Ring, And His Name Is Maradona

With all the turmoil surrounding FIFA in recent months and the power vacuum soon to be created once Sepp Blatter finally relinquishes the reins on his Empire, soccer will need a smooth, steady, experienced set of hands to guide the sport out from the pits of controversy and back into the light. And if there’s any one… »6/22/15 1:23pm6/22/15 1:23pm

Diego Maradona Sends Shots At Sepp Blatter

It appears that Diego Maradona’s recent eye lift has opened his vision to the mountainous corruption that has surrounded every FIFA decision in Sepp Blatter’s tenure. Fed up, today he gave an interview stumping for a rival FIFA presidential candidate, and boy does he lather on the burnsauce thick and heavy. »5/05/15 12:20pm5/05/15 12:20pm

Diego Maradona Prepares For​ Coming Alien Invasion With Boxing Dummy

Just know that, when the giant blue Martians that have been hibernating miles deep in the Earth's crust finally emerge and begin their assault on this wonderful thing we call human civilization, Diego Maradona has been training and will knock those sons of bitches right back to where they came from. »4/01/15 5:52pm4/01/15 5:52pm

Here's The Official Movie Of Diego Maradona's 1986 World Cup

Diego Maradona shimmies and jukes. He drags the ball with him. The camera pans from his feet to his face, tracking him as he goes. Is he heading toward the goal or dribbling harmlessly across the field? I can't tell, and neither can the English defenders he slides by so easily. The goalkeeper is nothing more than a… »7/11/14 1:46pm7/11/14 1:46pm

Diego Maradona Got Into A Fight With U.A.E.-League Fans, Allegedly Over His Girlfriend

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona has been off the international radar somewhat since accepting the manager position of Al Wasl FC in the U.A.E. football league last year. Al Wasl hasn't done a whole lot under his leadership, either—they currently sit in sixth place in the 12-team league. »3/30/12 1:12pm3/30/12 1:12pm

Maradona's Totally Sorry About Kicking That Fan In Dubai

"'I am emotional, this is my nature. I've always been like this as a player and coach. Sometimes I feel like I'm a player of Al Wasl. The sign was a message from my grandson and daughters in Manchester and Argentina and it means they support me in whatever I do. I apologise to the fan I hurt but I wanted the banner… »9/24/11 2:15pm9/24/11 2:15pm

Maradona Kicked A Fan Before Winning His First Game As A Coach In Dubai Today

"Diego Maradona has enjoyed his first victory as coach of UAE side Al Wasl, a day after telling fans to stay at home and watch a DVD if they found it too stressful to follow his team.
Al Wasl's goals in a 3-0 win against promoted Emirates in the second round of matches in the Etisalat Cup came from Argentina's… »9/22/11 9:30pm9/22/11 9:30pm