SportsCenter's New Set Will Be Roughly 10,000 Square Feet

We got a preview of this before, but here's a new video showing off SportsCenter's new set, narrated by Steve Levy. He says the set will be nearly 10,000 square feet. Watch the video and it looks like it also includes approximately 750 anchor desks and 48 different studios. But seriously. Christ. The building that's… »8/22/13 1:41pm8/22/13 1:41pm


Ex-ESPNer: Did Network Cut 300-400 Jobs To Pay For SportsCenter Set?

A recently laid-off ESPN source gave us more details about the ESPN job cuts, the first significant staff reduction in four years. First off, it appears these layoffs will stretch over several weeks. There will be more technology and creative services layoffs today. Layoffs in production are coming in a few weeks;… »5/22/13 1:47pm5/22/13 1:47pm