Adrian Peterson's "Injury" Was Swallowing His Chewing Tobacco

Players get shuffled around NFL injury reports all the time. Whether or not someone will play is of major interest to fans and fantasy football players, so injury reports are scrutinized. Last night, Adrian Peterson got downgraded to questionable in the Vikings injury report due to a mysterious illness. His illness?… »10/25/15 2:45pm10/25/15 2:45pm


How To Make Hummus For Yourself, Like A Real Friggin' Human Would

If you live on earth, your local supermarket has a lot of packaged hummus in it. Different brands and varieties, different accompanying flavors and garnishes—roasted red peppers! pine nuts! roasted garlic! spinach and artichoke hearts! XXXtreme Buffalo-Ranch Frito-Blast Flavor Dirt!—and so on. This is because people… »5/17/14 1:46pm5/17/14 1:46pm

Round 2 Of The Ultimate Super Bowl Dip Playoffs Starts NOW! Vote!

We knew a debate on the subject of dip would prove to be a contentious one. And boy howdy, was it ever! Within an hour of posting, a vicious Guac v. Baba battle had broken out, virtual friendships were torn asunder, and colleagues were accusing one another of Un-American Activities. (Maybe it's a good thing Pete… »1/29/14 2:33pm1/29/14 2:33pm