He Was For DirectTV Before He Was ... Oh, You Know The Joke By Now

We had pretty much already given up hope on anyone noticing or caring that Major League Baseball was selling out its most die-hard fans for a quick buck. Just another of those times when we all get stepped on; as sports fans, we should probably be used to it by now. » 2/01/07 11:45am 2/01/07 11:45am

In Case You Had Any Doubt, MLB Doesn't Care About You At All

We are not against corporations, inherently; we spend most of our days enjoying products of the Coca-Cola Company and the Philip Morris Corporation, and if they do an excellent job mass-producing consumables that we keep on buying, hey, that's the American way. But as a serious sports fan, there might be no corporation … » 1/22/07 4:00pm 1/22/07 4:00pm