Matt Cooke Is Gonna Try Really, Really Hard Not To Be A Cheap-Shot Artist Anymore

As Matt Cooke kept busy last winter by performing his usual song-and-dance of blindside hits and head shots on Penguins opponents, his wife, Michelle, was in the hospital battling a kidney infection. The ordeal, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, was known by his teammates and coaches—and was enough of a… »8/24/11 3:30pm8/24/11 3:30pm


Matt Cooke Is Suspended 10 Games And The First Playoff Round For His Latest Cheap Shot

It's been just over a month since Matt Cooke's last suspension, so of course he's due for a headshot like this one, which he delivered to Ryan McDonagh in a 5-2 loss to the Rangers last night. Cooke is suspended for the remainder of the season (10 games) and for the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs (a minimum… »3/21/11 6:20pm3/21/11 6:20pm