Dwight Howard, On The Difference Between The Clippers And The Lakers: "They Share The Ball"

The confounding Lakers lost last night to the Clippers by five after going into the fourth quarter down 16. The loss dropped them to 15-17, 11th in a Western Conference that has roughly 11 solid contenders for the playoffs. While the team is still working to develop chemistry and Dwight Howard's back is clearly still… »1/05/13 9:40am1/05/13 9:40am

The Memphis Grizzlies' "Lifetime Supply Of Tater Tots" Giveaway Is A Vicious Lie

The Memphis Grizzlies are running an ostensibly fun promotion that received a write-up in yesterday's Wall Street Journal: instead of cash or a car, the lucky Grizzlies fan randomly selected to take a shot from half-court will get—quote—"a lifetime supply of Tater Tots" from Sonic should the shot happen to go in. What… »12/29/12 5:05pm12/29/12 5:05pm