Disney Inundates General Hospital Episode With References To New Year's Eve College Football Playoff Games

ESPN says it isn’t worried about viewership for tomorrow’s college football playoff games on New Year’s Eve, but the degree to which TV viewers have been choked to death by promos for the two games—which were played on New Year’s Day last year—has left many never wanting to hear “Auld Lang Syne” ever again.

The New Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Here For You To Watch

Disney interrupted your Monday Night Football halftime show on ESPN to air this new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. They ran ads for the ad, and now the ad is finally here. Enjoy this ad, especially considering that its existence reduced your exposure to Chris Berman.

The Sleeping Beauty Reboot You Never Wanted: Maleficent, Reviewed.

Back in 2006, Patton Oswalt had a standup bit where he fantasized about going back in time and killing George Lucas so he'd never make the Star Wars prequels. In the imaginary conversation, Lucas tries to sell Oswalt on those reviled films by assuring the comedian that all the things he digs about the series—Darth…