Media Parties Bring Out The True Rock Stars

Back when it started, we had a little fun with Hashmarks, ESPN's NFL blog, but it's clearly come around a little bit. (And it's certainly kicking our ass with Super Bowl coverage, that's for sure, if you're into that whole "Bill Belichick looks relaxed" type of thing.) But his description of the "media" party at the Super… » 1/30/08 5:30pm 1/30/08 5:30pm

Mike And Mike, Sad Media Folk And The Fox Sports Grill

Because of a missed appointment, after we filed our Sporting News column last night, we spent the evening stranded at a cheesy Glendale sports bar, waiting for a cab that never came. (We literally spent four hours roaming around the greater Phoenix area doing nothing last night. We miss public transportation already.)… » 1/30/08 12:35pm 1/30/08 12:35pm