Map: Which Countries Have The Slowest Elite Runners?

Everyone knows Jamaica tends to produce the best sprinters and Ethiopia often has the best distance runners, but how do other countries' top runners fare compare to the best in the world? » 8/04/14 8:11pm 8/04/14 8:11pm

The Terrifying Hell A Marathon Inflicts On The Human Body

The New York City marathon is today! Most people take training for a marathon seriously, because it's a huge day that they work toward all year, and also because it's based on a guy literally dying from running too fast and far. Other people don't. Here's Dr. Matt McCarthy on the very bad stuff that happens to the… » 11/03/13 10:54am 11/03/13 10:54am

How A Med School Dropout Made America Fall In Love With Running

Excerpted from Kings of the Road: How Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, and Alberto Salazar Made Running Go Boom, which is out today from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. » 4/09/13 4:27pm 4/09/13 4:27pm