NFL Player Ray Edwards Is A Boxer Now, And He Can Knock Guys Out Without Touching Them

Since being released by the Atlanta Falcons in November, defensive end Ray Edwards has embarked on a fledgling boxing career. The video above comes from a recent bout that Edwards had in West Fargo, North Dakota. I don't know why Edwards is fighting a short, pudgy man who looks more like an accountant than he does a… »2/11/13 4:45pm2/11/13 4:45pm

This Mets Fan Who Took A Nasty Tumble On Live TV Earns A Yellow Card For Diving [UPDATE]

As SNY went to break after the top of the seventh of tonight's Phillies-Mets matchup at Citi Field, cameras caught one mets fan taking a tumble and sending his beer cups flying. We all got a good laugh out of it—as did the SNY announcers—but a closer inspection reveals it was all staged. »7/05/12 9:51pm7/05/12 9:51pm

Drayton Florence Saved The Best For Last In Earning NFL Flop Of The Season Honors

Bills cornerback Drayton Florence has made a career out of his tough-guy image (just ask Mark Sanchez) but the stunt he pulled Sunday against the New England Patriots puts him firmly in Italian soccer star territory. It was less a flop or dive and more of a hurl—a leaping, falling charade of nonsense worthy of being… »1/02/12 8:30am1/02/12 8:30am

Soccer Player Apparently Stabbed In Eyeball After Soft Slap To Neck

The business of cataloging awful (and sometimes admirable) injury performances in soccer games is an important one, and we do not take it lightly. Also not apparently taken lightly: Incidental contact to Lille's Aurélien Chedjou's neck. The contact somehow automatically transported to the Cameroonian's eyeball and… »10/19/11 1:45pm10/19/11 1:45pm