The Pittsburgh Pirates Are Pretty Much Willing To Give Anyone A Tryout

Per Jim Bowden, they've invited Dmitri Young to their spring training complex for a workout next week. Dmitri Young. He's 38 and hasn't played a big-league game in four years. I half-expect the Pirates' next move to be ... oh, never mind. [WHYGAVS] » 2/07/12 6:55pm 2/07/12 6:55pm

The Rangers Tossed Yu Darvish The Most Money, Dmitri Young Is Still…

Your roundup of all the hottest hot-stove items of the day (and whatever shit Ken Rosenthal is throwing against the wall). This is ... HOT FUCKING STOVE!! » 12/20/11 7:40pm 12/20/11 7:40pm

I can has home run?

It doesn't take a genius to slap some misspelled drop-shadow text on a photo and upload it to the intarwebs for big laughs. The runaway success of sites like I Can Has Cheezburger? and have spawned imitators and now athletes are getting the LOLcat treatment thanks to Grimey at LOLJocks. Dmitri Young's… » 8/18/07 4:10pm 8/18/07 4:10pm

Another Young, Ready To Rampage

Thank you, Dan Steinberg, for introducing us to "Damage." This is Damon Young, son of "Meat Hook" Nationals first baseman Dmitri Young, and he insist that you call him "Damage." And that, friends, is a mohawk. Clearly, this is not a boy with whom to trifle; boom bitch. » 8/17/07 4:10pm 8/17/07 4:10pm

Alyssa Milano Makes A New Friend

This might seem like an odd thing for us to say, but we don't actually hate Alyssa Milano's blog. Pseudo TV starlets who once played Schwarzenegger's daughter in Commando don't necessarily do it for us anymore, but, well, it's not every day you read the phrase "Butterflies in my tummy" on a baseball blog. Her… » 7/16/07 5:05pm 7/16/07 5:05pm

How Virginia Tech Touched Our Little World Here

As you've surely noticed, we haven't gone into the Virginia Tech horrors too much around these parts; we felt we had nothing we could possibly add to something so unfathomable. But there are still ways the tragedy has touched our little world over here. » 4/18/07 3:00pm 4/18/07 3:00pm

Dmitri Young's Rehab Experience

In case you haven't heard, Tigers designated hitter Dmitri Young is still evading police after failing to make a court appearance for a charge that he choked his girlfriend at a Detroit hotel. Several sources say he's at a rehab facility, but no one, including his lawyers, seem to know for sure. » 6/15/06 5:15pm 6/15/06 5:15pm