If You Have An iPad, And You Like Good Things, Buy This Crazy Dock…

We gave you a snippet from Donnell Alexander's new iBook, Beyond Ellis D, a few weeks back. But now the whole thing, with great writing and crazy art, is available from the iTunes store, if you have an iPad 2. Get it and lose yourself. [iTunes] » 6/01/12 5:00pm 6/01/12 5:00pm

How I Threw My Hair-Perm Superfly Spitball, By Dock Ellis: A New…

» 5/16/12 12:00pm 5/16/12 12:00pm

The video above is "Superfly Spitball," an animated short that grew out of the same interview—conducted by Donnell Alexander and Neille Ilel—that gave us Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No. Animated by Heidi Perry and co-produced by Thor Swift, the short will appear in a forthcoming iBook, Beyond Ellis D. For much more, read » 5/16/12 12:00pm 5/16/12 12:00pm

The Long, Strange Trip Of The Dock Ellis LSD No-Hitter Story

Dock Ellis died in 2008 from cirrhosis of the liver. He was 63. In the years since his death, with a new generation of baseball fans (and drug fans) discovering the tale of the 1970 no-hitter he pitched with a head full of acid, his popularity has only grown. That story was woven into the fabric of internet lore after … » 7/11/11 5:35pm 7/11/11 5:35pm

The Electric Dock Ellis Acid Test: An Attempt To Recreate His…

Warning: The above video depicts dangerous and risky behavior. Deadspin discourages the behavior depicted therein. Deadspin must insist that no one attempt to recreate or reenact any activity performed in the video. Reliance on or activity based on any information provided in the video is solely at your own risk. » 7/11/11 3:53pm 7/11/11 3:53pm

40-Year-Old Video Exonerates A-Rod In Dumb Mound-Crossing Controversy

This is a screengrab from the 1971 World Series. And will you look at that? A batter runs across the mound, and somehow the world doesn't launch into a spasm of cock-waggling outrage over a breach of baseball's supposedly inviolable unwritten rules. » 5/22/10 4:30pm 5/22/10 4:30pm

Deadspin Films Presents: "High And Outside: The Dock Ellis Story"

Sporting apparel/culture site No Mas recently released the animated story of Dock Ellis, who threw a no-hitter on acid—fucking ACID—and died last December. Time for his biopic, yeah? Let's cast and storyboard this thing. To Hollywood we go! » 12/05/09 3:30pm 12/05/09 3:30pm