New Hampshire School District Bans Dodgeball As Part Of Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Windham, N.H., school board voted overwhelmingly to ban dodgeball and "nine other 'human target' activities" from its schools. Admittedly, it's impressive that New Hampshire came up with at least 10 sports that use children as human targets. But that's all a thing of the past, and it's not because dodgeball is… »3/27/13 5:01pm3/27/13 5:01pm

Packers TE Tom Crabtree Plays Dodgeball With Little Kids, Basically Tells Them To Suck Failure

That's Crabtree paying a recent visit to the seventh and eighth graders from St. Paul Lutheran School in Green Bay. I have no idea why a backup NFL tight end is making dodgeball videos with sound effects, but that's beside the point. Watch as Crabtree sends one of these youngsters to Ouchtown at the 41-second mark,… »3/12/12 6:10pm3/12/12 6:10pm

Redskins QBs Prepare for Rugged NFC East With Dodgeball

Yeah, dodgeball it's awesome »7/24/08 4:30pm7/24/08 4:30pm. Let me just say it now, when one of the Redskins quarterbacks inevitably tears his rotator cuff trying to spike another quarterback this will be the dumbest idea in the history of football. Which is really saying something. So enjoy the honeymoon if it exists, Jim Zorn. In other news, as…