How 19 Giant Earthmovers Carved Dodger Stadium Out of a Mountain

They literally moved mountains to create Dodger Stadium. Between 1959 and 1962, an army of construction workers shifted eight-million cubic yards of earth and rock in the hills above downtown Los Angeles, refashioning the rugged terrain once known as the Stone Quarry Hills into a modern baseball palace. » 5/06/14 6:02pm 5/06/14 6:02pm

Dodger Stadium Idiot Climbs Over Outfield Fence, Evades Security

Two fans ran out onto the field at Dodger Stadium tonight midway through the ninth inning, and it appears one of them escaped security by climbing back over the outfield fence. We doubt he got away for long, though. » 4/25/14 1:44am 4/25/14 1:44am

Outdoor Hockey In Los Angeles Made For Some Awesome Photos

The Ducks-Kings Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium created an interesting contrast: A thoroughly maintained block of ice in the middle of a city with nary a snowflake to be found. But anything's possible in Los Angeles, right? » 1/26/14 10:00am 1/26/14 10:00am

Vin Scully Narrated The Intro To Tonight's NHL Game At Dodger Stadium

NBC Sports Net is the U.S. home of professional hockey, and they continue to do it right. Tonight's Stadium Series matchup at Dodger Stadium called upon the one voice every sports fan can associate with that venue: Vin Scully. » 1/25/14 9:44pm 1/25/14 9:44pm

Dodger Stadium Now Offers “Frozen Beer Foam” To Keep Your Drink Cold

Last month, the Dodgers introduced a frozen beer foam machine, made by Japanese beer company Kirin. It is possibly witchcraft. » 7/24/13 5:46pm 7/24/13 5:46pm

Dodgers Game Marred By Giants Fan Trying To Interrupt The "Don't Stop…

The blog "Vin Scully Is My Homeboy" started its Friday off with a post titled, "Giants fan tries to disturb 'Don't Stop Believin' Guy,'" with DSBG being somewhat of a Chavez Ravine Idol contestant who performs Journey for his fellow attendees. The horror. And at the last home game of the season, no less! » 9/24/11 11:15am 9/24/11 11:15am

Everybody Feared The Worst When Old Man Brent Musburger Went Rogue In…

Your morning roundup for July 23, the day after we learned that high-school tennis coaches really might want to stay away from strip-club ownership. » 7/23/11 10:00am 7/23/11 10:00am

Report: Bryan Stow Beating Suspect Exonerated, Two New Suspects Arrested

Per the Los Angeles Times, "Los Angeles police have arrested two men on suspicion of beating baseball fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium and have concluded the suspect they took into custody in May was not responsible, a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation told The Times on Thursday. » 7/21/11 9:32pm 7/21/11 9:32pm

Here's Video Of Smoke From Last Night's "Small Fire" At Dodger Stadium

Sometimes you have to start with nothing to end up with something. So, is the whole "insurance claim/burning the stadium down" angle offered by the Dodgers fans filming clouds of smoke at Dodger Stadium last night entirely unthinkable? » 5/29/11 1:00pm 5/29/11 1:00pm

Armless Man To Throw Ceremonial First Pitch At Tonight's Dodgers Game

As part of his "Pitch for Awareness" national tour, Tom Willis will throw out the first pitch at tonight's Dodgers/Padres game. He'll do so with one of his feet, on account of the fact that he was born without arms. ("I don't have the greatest pitching speed in the world. My style is heave it and pray.") » 4/30/11 8:30pm 4/30/11 8:30pm

Frank McCourt Sat In The Cheap Seats

At a game last week, the Dodgers mostly-owner joined fans in the bleachers for the first half of the game. A savvy PR move, or did Jamie change the locks on the owner's box? [VSIMH] » 4/19/11 5:55pm 4/19/11 5:55pm

Reporter Injures Self, Studio Hosts Pretend To Be Concerned

Dodger Stadium is hosting a motocross event, and one local reporter decided to take a bike out for a spin. His crash isn't nearly as amusing as the awkwardness that follows. [via VinScullyIsMyHomeboy] » 1/21/11 3:40pm 1/21/11 3:40pm

Nicaragua's About To Get Some New Tigers Gear

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 10/07/09 6:30am 10/07/09 6:30am

Why Your Stadium Sucks: Dodger Stadium

This is a weekly feature in which I (and maybe you, too, readers) detail the various reasons for hating your ballpark. This week: Dodger Stadium. » 9/11/09 5:45pm 9/11/09 5:45pm

Why Your Half-Day Sucks

Because most of you are stuck in traffic right now, this week's exciting installment of Why George Will Sucks will run next week. Keep sending in your Dodger Stadium stories: » 9/04/09 2:15pm 9/04/09 2:15pm

"From The Mounties, To The Prayer Books...."

This young lass had some trouble remembering the lyrics to "God Bless America" last night. I doubt anyone noticed though. It's not like everyone in Dodger Stadium was forced to stand up and pay attention to her. [MemoriesofKevinMalone] » 8/19/09 9:30am 8/19/09 9:30am