Badass 25-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Iditarod Winner Ever

Give credit to Dallas Seavey. Not only did this former high school wrestling champion beat out more than 60 other teams to become the youngest winner of the Iditarod in history, but he also crushed his 52-year-old father and 74-year-old grandfather, who finished way in back of the pack. I guess when you're mushing… »3/14/12 12:25am3/14/12 12:25am


Greyhound Track Owners Now Want To Kill Off Their Own Industry

It hasn't been a good few weeks for dirt track sports. In early February, HBO's Luck came under heavy criticism when word spread that two horses had been euthanized during filming of the show's first few episodes. Recently, the focus has turned back to greyhound racing and those who are trying to quash the races for… »3/09/12 12:00am3/09/12 12:00am