Here Are 2,000 Photos We Took At The Westminster Dog Show

The thing about the Westminster Dog Show is (and this is going to sound obvious) that there are so many dogs. If you watch the primetime TV broadcast, you see one of each breed—a perfect kibble-sized snapshot of the dog world. But attending the show, something you should absolutely do if you're in New York, is… »2/12/13 6:40pm2/12/13 6:40pm


Looking For Love On Valentine's Day At Westminster

I have a girlfriend and a cat, and at Westminster I feel like I'm cheating on both. When's the last time you fell in love at first sight? When your heart and soul was completely handed over within seconds of meeting someone? When you and a complete stranger fell into a slobbery make-out session, with extra tongue, and… »2/14/12 7:10pm2/14/12 7:10pm

Handjobs, Butt-To-Butt Action, And Other Sex Secrets Of The Champion Show Dog

For his new book, Show Dog: the Charmed Life and Trying Times of a Near-Perfect Purebred, Josh Dean spent more than a year following a champion show dog named Jack, a young Australian Shepherd. In the following excerpt, Jack—who is owned by a single mother from Pennsylvania named Kimberly Smith—tries to mate for the… »2/14/12 8:00am2/14/12 8:00am