WWE Leaker Strikes Again To Spoil (Some Of) SummerSlam

For five straight pay-per-view events, a Reddit user named "Dolphins1925" revealed the results of every single WWE match before they aired. But with WWE now aware that it has sprung a leak, last night's SummerSlam was our first chance to see if he could do it again. » 8/19/13 4:20pm 8/19/13 4:20pm

A Redditor Has Been Leaking WWE Outcomes [Update: WWE Response]

In February on r/SquaredCircle, Reddit's pro wrestling forum, one poster kicked off a "prediction series," asking users to pick who they expected to win at that week's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event. The winner was a user named "Dolphins1925," who posted just minutes before the start of the event, and nailed the… » 7/15/13 3:17pm 7/15/13 3:17pm