Dominic Raiola Also Punched Zach Moore In The Head

The Lions' Dominic Raiola was mad about the Patriots "playing football," so he went at defensive lineman Zach Moore's knees on the last play of the game. That wasn't Raiola's only cheap shot on Moore, though: Three plays earlier, the center—wearing No. 51—punched Moore in the back of the head as he got past Raiola's… »11/24/14 3:59pm11/24/14 3:59pm

Report: Lions Center Was A Dick To The University Of Wisconsin Band

It appears that Dominic Raiola, the starting center for the Detroit Lions, is a huge dick. That's because there are reports going around alleging that Raiola spent part of his Sunday verbally assaulting the University of Wisconsin marching band, which was in Green Bay to play at this week's Lions-Packers game. »10/07/13 12:51pm10/07/13 12:51pm

Concussions, Memory Loss, Early Death: One NFL Player Says "It's Totally Worth It."

There are more than 1,200 former NFL players, in 50 separate cases, suing the league for fraud and negligence and all kinds of assorted charges, all stemming from the fact that they weren't warned about the post-career effects of repeated brain trauma. The NFL did nothing about concussions, they argue, and we're… »4/17/12 2:10pm4/17/12 2:10pm

Do The Lions Still Have The Stink Of Matt Millen On Them?

You gotta feel for Dominic Raiola. The Lion's center was the second player ever drafted by Matt Millen and has been forced to play every single game of his terrible reign in Detroit. So Dominic is understandably frustrated with the way his otherwise successful career has developed. Can anyone really blame him for… »12/09/08 11:00am12/09/08 11:00am