At 81, Don King Is Still A Crazy Sleazeball

Inspired by former Mizzou linebacker and current boxer Ryan Coyne's acrimonious business relationship with Don King, St. Louis's River Front Times recently caught up with the American legend and Prince Hall Freemason, insofar as you can catch up with someone that refuses to talk to you. As it turns out, Don King is… » 3/16/13 5:52pm 3/16/13 5:52pm

Don King Embroiled In Knockdown Court Battle With Puerto Rican Taco Stand

Having tired of fighting Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis in court, Don King has set his sights on a new opponent – Delia Esquilín-Mendoza, the owner of a taco shop in Puerto Rico. On March 1 2003, Delia's Tacos intercepted a closed-circuit transmission of the Roy Jones Jr.- Jon Ruiz fight and deprived King of roughly zero… » 3/07/11 12:35pm 3/07/11 12:35pm

Making Fun of Don King Is Funny (Until He Stomps You To Death)

The New York Post's Page Six reports this morning that failed real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump will be hosting a Friar's club roast of boxing "promoter" Don King. Past roastees have included Pamela Anderson, Chevy Chase and, most famously, Hugh Hefner. And now Don King, perhaps the only person we can think of who… » 9/09/05 10:45am 9/09/05 10:45am