Don King's Acting Like A Crazy Person Again

It's hard to see what is actually going on here, but it looks like Don King steps out of the ring at the very beginning of the video and makes his way to the corner where he is met by a woman. » 4/28/13 4:05pm 4/28/13 4:05pm

At 81, Don King Is Still A Crazy Sleazeball

Inspired by former Mizzou linebacker and current boxer Ryan Coyne's acrimonious business relationship with Don King, St. Louis's River Front Times recently caught up with the American legend and Prince Hall Freemason, insofar as you can catch up with someone that refuses to talk to you. As it turns out, Don King is… » 3/16/13 5:52pm 3/16/13 5:52pm

Chris Arreola Responded To Don King's "Wetbacks" Comment By Calling…

Chris Arreola knocked Eric Molina out in the first round of their heavyweight bout this weekend in Corpus Christi, then sent Showtime ring reporter Jim Gray reeling with a closing statement on Don King. » 2/20/12 4:00pm 2/20/12 4:00pm

Quiet, Please, For Professor Don King's Lecture On History, Anatomy,…

Wordsmith and bombast aficionado Don King made an appearance in Corpus Christi yesterday to promote a bout this weekend in Texas' City by the Sea, and delivered a rambling lecture that the Corpus Christi Caller-Times says drew gasps from the audience. » 2/17/12 11:20am 2/17/12 11:20am

Don King Pops Down To Occupy Wall Street To Show Support, Famous Hair…

Courtesy of AnimalNY comes the latest celebrity sighting at Zucotti Park. King told Animal reporter Bucky Turco he's visiting the dirty 99% because their movement represents "Americana" and mumbled some stuff about the First Amendment. Only in a plutocracy! [AnimalNY] » 10/25/11 9:10pm 10/25/11 9:10pm

Don King Embroiled In Knockdown Court Battle With Puerto Rican Taco…

Having tired of fighting Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis in court, Don King has set his sights on a new opponent – Delia Esquilín-Mendoza, the owner of a taco shop in Puerto Rico. On March 1 2003, Delia's Tacos intercepted a closed-circuit transmission of the Roy Jones Jr.- Jon Ruiz fight and deprived King of roughly zero… » 3/07/11 12:35pm 3/07/11 12:35pm

Is This The Pittsburgh Pirates' Next Great Arm?

So Muntadhar al-Zaidi is the toast of the Middle East (non-Iraqi government division) for hurling his loafers at a certain outgoing U.S. President on Sunday. All hail the shoe martyr! Ahyyyyyy! But he's popular here in the U.S. as well. » 12/16/08 10:30am 12/16/08 10:30am

Yeah, It's A Fight. We Get It

Show of hands: Is anyone still interested in the boxers-shouting-at-each-other-and-then-it-nearly-comes-to-blows-at-the-press-conference routine? The last time that was fresh, we think, was when Max Baer insulted Jim Braddock's wife in 1938. But they continue to do it, for some reason. The latest example came on… » 3/01/06 12:00pm 3/01/06 12:00pm

So, A Bit Of A Correction...

This is the first correction I've had to post here. It's a little bit of a landmark for me, so I'm kind of proud, though it's probably best if it doesn't become a trend. » 12/18/05 5:02pm 12/18/05 5:02pm

So there you go... and with it comes an admission from me that I have not followed the Ruiz/Valuev/Don King love triangle as closely as I should…

Holyfield Eager To Be Pummeled Again

If you were thinking that "Dancing With The Stars" hoofer Evander Holyfield was actually retiring, like, seriously this time, well, you're wrong again. Holyfield, who is 43 years old, has said as soon as he gets out of his contract with Don King, he will continue his quixotic attempt to regain his championship crown.… » 12/01/05 10:15am 12/01/05 10:15am

ESPN Ombudsman: You Kids Knock It Off!

Resident nerdy professor ESPN ombudsman George Solomon filed his newest impotent you-darned-kids column on Saturday, and, as usual, we imagine ESPN brass reading it, shaking their heada, chuckling, then tossing another few more Indonesian children on the fire. (It's gonna get cold in Bristol soon; it's the middle of… » 9/12/05 1:10pm 9/12/05 1:10pm

Making Fun of Don King Is Funny (Until He Stomps You To Death)

The New York Post's Page Six reports this morning that failed real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump will be hosting a Friar's club roast of boxing "promoter" Don King. Past roastees have included Pamela Anderson, Chevy Chase and, most famously, Hugh Hefner. And now Don King, perhaps the only person we can think of who… » 9/09/05 10:45am 9/09/05 10:45am