Cardinals Beat Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw On Three-Run Homer

The crucial talking point preceding Game 4 between the Dodgers and Cardinals was "sample size." That mainly had to do with Dodgers manager Don Mattingly's decision to bench Yasiel Puig and start Andre Ethier in the outfield instead because of Puig's struggles in the first three games of the series. At least, we're… » 10/07/14 9:00pm 10/07/14 9:00pm

Here's Don Mattingly Pretending To Be A Wrestler

Don Mattingly and the Dodgers just clinched the NL West. As we offer our congratulations on a job well done, please enjoy this video of Donnie Baseball pretending Al Trautwig's gonna run wild on Tony Kubek. » 9/19/13 7:05pm 9/19/13 7:05pm

Yasiel Puig Pulled From Game For Taking His Sweet-Ass Time

What unwritten rule did Dodgers rookie/conga line dancer Yasiel Puig violate this time, leading to a mid-game benching and a round of paroxysmal I-told-you-sos from our nation's baseball columnists? Actually, this one's pretty justified. » 8/29/13 9:13am 8/29/13 9:13am

Woeful LA Dodgers Need More Of Wild-Pitch Walk-Off Hero Schumaker

Once again Friday night the Dodgers proved they can still fog a mirror. They got a game-tying homer in the sixth from the suddenly incomparable Yasiel Puig (who became just the second player since 1900 to bang out four home runs in his first five major league games) and then the winning run, on a wild pitch, by Skip… » 6/08/13 1:30pm 6/08/13 1:30pm

Don Mattingly Beans a Bear And Other Trick Shots

This is one of those trick shot videos that are all the rage these days. It seems that Mattingly, son Preston (and future Yankees MVP) and some other local Evansville, Indiana super stars have their own now called Trickwinkle? I don't know. A bear is involved. » 1/28/12 10:45am 1/28/12 10:45am

This Is Don Mattingly As Mother Ginger In A Ballet Rendition Of The…

The Dodgers manager's wife, Lori, had introduced him to the ballet. He "thought it would be fun" to join the company in his hometown of Evansville (Ind.), and he made his debut on Saturday night—blonde wig, makeup, blue dress, and all, thinking it "would be funny." Mattingly didn't dance, but based on this footage… » 12/19/11 3:50pm 12/19/11 3:50pm

Your "DUANnie Baseball" Yankees-Twins Open Thread

Yankees fans are an arrogant breed. Twenty-seven championships tend to do that for a franchise. This is why it's so fun to ask one simple question: How many World Series rings did Don Mattingly win? » 10/09/10 8:30pm 10/09/10 8:30pm

Dodgers Lose Another One, This Time To The Rulebook

We love it when a manager uses the rulebook to his advantage. Bruce Bochy caught acting Dodgers manager Don Mattingly inadvertently stepping off the mound during the visit to his pitcher, and the resulting nitpick gave the Giants a victory. » 7/21/10 12:00pm 7/21/10 12:00pm

Own A Piece Of Television History

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 3/31/10 6:30am 3/31/10 6:30am

Donnie Baseball Has One Screwed Up Family

Need some proof that class isn't genetic? Don Mattingly's son (far left, not a recent photo) was arrested after shoving his mother, then spitting on her. At least now he can inherit the "Hit Man" nickname? » 7/22/09 10:30pm 7/22/09 10:30pm

Don Mattingly Doesn't Look So Hot Himself Anymore Either

By now, you've probably seen it, but we'd be remiss if we didn't point it out anyway: Here's Don Mattingly's wife who was causing all the trouble over the weekend. » 2/05/08 3:30pm 2/05/08 3:30pm

Joe Torre, Hanging Around, Wondering What's Up

Wouldn't it be strange if, after all the fuss of the last few days, if the Yankees decided to keep Joe Torre after all? It certainly would signify, publicly, at last, that George Steinbrenner is finally being considered the doddering old man he is, and that his rantings are being treated with the seriousness they… » 10/10/07 10:00am 10/10/07 10:00am

Athlete Run-In: The Mystery Of The Mustache

Today's first athlete run-in story answers a question we've had for a long time: Has Don Mattingly ever not had that mustache? (We were scared enough when Bruce Bochy shaved his.) » 12/14/05 12:00pm 12/14/05 12:00pm