Don Nelson Will Get Back To You On Whether He Believes

As George Costanza famously noted, it's important to go out on a high note. If you tell a joke at a party and get a huge laugh, you excuse yourself and quit while you're ahead. Apparently subscribing to this philosophy, Warriors coach Don Nelson — having vanquished the invincible Mavericks with a team that wasn't even… »5/17/07 12:45pm5/17/07 12:45pm

Golden State's Chance To Make History (And Probably Kill Cuban)

Imagine the ramifications if, perchance, the Warriors eliminate the Mavericks tonight. First off, poor Dirk Nowitzki might never show his face in public again, or at least not around his coach. We'll have proof that the Warriors sold their souls to the devil. And Don Nelson will have his final, brutal revenge on Mark… »5/01/07 5:45pm5/01/07 5:45pm