The Dog Ate Rick Reilly's Compendium Of Column Ideas

Remember when Rick Reilly punched up an old Sports Illustrated column and filed it fresh for ESPN? Don Ohlmeyer, the Worldwide Leader's ombudsman, sure does, and he's here to console everyone. It was all just a big misunderstanding. » 12/23/09 12:15pm 12/23/09 12:15pm

Don Ohlmeyer Addresses Roethlisberger Story, Learns What "Ombudsman"…

Former NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer actually opened his first ESPN ombudsman column by reciting the definition of "ombudsman" from the dictionary. And also like a bad graduation speech, he takes way too long to get to the point. » 8/19/09 10:00am 8/19/09 10:00am