I Spent All Day Trying To Figure Out If This Is Don Zimmer's Dick [NSFW]

Reader David passed along some old photos from the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers' locker room. In his email, he claimed that Don Zimmer's dick was fully visible. We decided to dig deeper into this Dodgers dick. Our findings: It's almost certainly not Zimmer's, though the mystery wang does belong to a baseball player. » 8/15/14 1:50pm 8/15/14 1:50pm

Watch The Touching Tribute To Don Zimmer Before Mariners-Rays

Prior to today's game against the Mariners, the Tampa Bay Rays held a tribute to honor the late Don Zimmer. The ceremony featured a video montage of Zimmer's career that spanned more than 60 years, and statements from players (James Shields, in particular, seemed very emotional) and coaches from around the league… » 6/07/14 4:38pm 6/07/14 4:38pm

Vin Scully Fondly Remembers The Late Don Zimmer

Vin Scully has a knack for making anything significantly better with his voice, so it was no surprise that Scully effortlessly worked in some lovely memories of the late Don Zimmer while calling tonight's White Sox-Dodgers game. » 6/05/14 1:05am 6/05/14 1:05am

Rays Broadcaster Todd Kalas Chokes Up While Reporting Don Zimmer's Death

The passing of MLB lifer Don Zimmer was announced in the middle of numerous baseball games, but the report by Rays broadcaster Todd Kalas stuck out in particular for being so damn sad. » 6/04/14 10:41pm 6/04/14 10:41pm

Former MLB Player, Manager, And Coach Don Zimmer Dies At 83

Don Zimmer, a presence in MLB who had most recently served as a baseball advisor for the Tampa Bay Rays, has died. He was 83. » 6/04/14 9:20pm 6/04/14 9:20pm

Here Is Some Weird-Ass Shit Broadcast During Last Night's Rays-A's Game

Last night's Rays-A's game from Oakland went 15 innings before finally being decided on a Jemile Weeks sacrifice fly, and its length taxed certain east coast viewers who needed to be up early for Olympics coverage. But for those who stuck around, there was a treat: whatever the fuck this is. We debated listening to… » 7/31/12 10:10am 7/31/12 10:10am

Intern Horrors: Being Inducted Into The Klan At A Single-A Game

Welcome back to Intern Horrors, and we're back with more stories of boneheadedness and bosses degrading their most under of underlings. Today: unintentional racial insensitivity strikes minor league baseball, naked Don Zimmer, and so much more. Do it to it. » 8/23/10 3:45pm 8/23/10 3:45pm