Noted Racist Donald Trump Tweets Out Anti-Black Propaganda

Perpetual embarrassment Donald Trump can look almost thoughtful next to his rock-solid, occasionally violent base of racist voters. Except, of course, when he doesn’t. Like this afternoon, for instance, when Donald Trump tweeted out a patently false, race-baiting image just one day after his supporters tried to beat… »Sunday 5:45pm11/22/15 5:45pm

The Best Parts of Donald Trump's Most Insane, Incoherent Stump Speech Yet

Last night, a fever dream-addled Donald Trump performed free association, spoken word poetry to the unsuspecting people of Iowa under the guise of a stump speech. Trump clearly hasn’t slept in days, he’s repeating staple phrases though ever so slightly off, and he calls everyone cheering for him an idiot. It is,… »11/13/15 4:48pm11/13/15 4:48pm

Remembering The Tour De Trump, Donald Trump's Failed Bike Race

Donald Trump, a talking tube of bronzer, is a man of leisure and failed investments. Right around the end of the 1980s, he expanded with a truly catastrophic series of investments which led him to declare his first of four corporate bankruptcies in 1991. There was Trump Airlines, Trump: The Game, and the Taj Mahal… »10/08/15 2:40pm10/08/15 2:40pm

John Harbaugh Thinks Donald Trump Has Some Good Ideas On Immigration

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was having a normal, boring press conference after Saturday’s practice. He talked about the team, about its first preseason game. He got on the subject of NFL officials, and how he thinks it’s a shame that they don’t work training camps to get ready for the season. And then, to the surprise… »8/17/15 9:54am8/17/15 9:54am