Dear Donovan McNabb: Racing Drivers Are Tougher Than Athletes

Retired NFL star Donovan McNabb recently found himself bombarded with criticism from racing drivers and fans alike after he claimed on Fox Sports Live that drivers aren't really athletes. OppositeLock's Phathead argues instead that drivers are actually more impressive, for their sport is vastly more dangerous. »11/22/13 3:08pm11/22/13 3:08pm

Shawn Andrews: Time With Eagles Felt Like "A Living Hell"

Offensive lineman Shawn Andrews spent all but one season of his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles, and according to him, the locker room atmosphere was absolutely horrible. Andrews says that then-quarterback (and current awful Twitter user) Donovan McNabb was disrespectful and constantly demanded attention. »11/19/13 9:19pm11/19/13 9:19pm

Andy Reid And Donovan McNabb Were Better Than Philly Wants To Remember

I spent three years in the mid-aughts living in Wilmington, Del., i.e. the Hoboken of Philadelphia. From 2003 to 2006 I got to watch the Philadelphia Eagles in lieu of spending my autumn Sundays watching the season break somewhere inside Chad Pennington's upper body. It was a great time to be on the inside of… »9/19/13 5:10pm9/19/13 5:10pm

Donovan McNabb Sounds Like He's Taking A Little Joy From The Eagles' Struggles

Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback in Eagles history—this isn't even up for discussion. Deep down, with the benefit of a little distance, people in Philadelphia realize this. And while they may not regret hounding an over-the-hill McNabb out of town, they might wish they had been a little more appreciative of the… »12/28/12 3:15pm12/28/12 3:15pm

Does ?uestlove Of The Roots Have Inside Information About Bounties In The NFL?

I'm not sure when this short little entry about Donovan McNabb was made, but in the little information section to the right (click to enlarge below) it is noted that the purpose of the blog is to serve as "a compendium of stories by @questlove, your favorite music nerd, in response to questions written by lesser… »6/09/12 4:42pm6/09/12 4:42pm